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Best Diabetes Diet- Engine 2 (Diet) Dietary Conformity review It has been noted that the Engine 2 diet is a great diet for diabetics. But just how well it conforms to accepted dietary guidelines could be another thing altogether. Now, it is the recommendation of the United States government through its department of Agriculture that recommended daily calories for fat make up 35 percent of total calorie intake; between 45 and 65 percent for carbohydrates, between 10 to 35 percent for protein, a maximum of 2300 milligrams for salt intake, bearing in mind the limit of 1500 mg however if you are 51 years or older, African-American or have diabetes, chronic kidney disease or hypertension. The Engine Diet does meet up with the guidelines as it pertains salt intake recommendation, 2260 mg and protein 12 percent. It however doesn't do too well on the other two-scoring 24 percent for fat, whilst surpassing the carbs recommendation by providing 68 percent instead of the 65. An analysis of Key nutrients which termed "nutrients of concern" due to their paucity in the average Americans diet; Fiber, Potassium, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D and Calcium shows that the Engine 2 diet readily meets the standard prescribed for Fiber -22 to 34 grams, to its 50 grams, but fails woefully for Potassium (recommended daily amount 4,700 mg to its 2770 mg); markedly for Calcium (recommended daily amount of between 1000 to 1300 mg to its alarmingly small 562 mg) for Vitamin D (recommended daily amount of 15 mg to its 1 mg) and also for Vitamin B-12 (recommended daily amount 2.4 mg to its 2 mg). It is however recommended by the diet that the shortfall in Vitamin B-12 be made up for by taking B-12 supplements, and though it says nothing for Vitamin D, supplementation for this important vitamin may also be necessary. With regards to how easy the diet is to follow, the diet requires quite a lot of motivation as well as meal preparation time. This may put many people off or lead to problems of compliance mid-way through. Nevertheless it should be noted that the Diets website and book, is well cached as a resource to help provide support. Another thing the website is good on is recipes, with many types available there. Unfortunately the fact that the vegan diet has still a small number of adherent's means that you may not easily find your first choice in restaurants. Suggestions for substitutions are however provided. Nevertheless, you should still be ready to make a lot of your own meals. Another observation is that some of the ingredients for the stipulated Engine 2 diet recipes may be either more expensive or difficult to find. As for drinking, you will definitely have to cut that out or at the very least reduce it to one serving a day. One good thing about the diet though is the fact that being fiber enriched, it promotes fullness, thereby reducing the risk for snacking in between meals. For taste, suggestions are made for spicing meals up-baking with bananas, apple sauces or prunes and using water or even beer instead of oil for cooking. As concerns price, it should be noted that though you may have to spend more on fresh produce, this is however offset by the fact that you get to save the money you would ordinarily have had to spend on meat. The book costs $24.99, but you have the choice of paying $99 for one year of additional support. A great support resource is found in the websites "Engine 2 Extra" the diets online support community. It should be noted also that the diet allows for restrictions and preferences. Conforming to low salt, kosher, halhal and vegan leanings. For people requiring a gluten-free diet, substitutes for wheat barley and rye can be found in grains such as rice and quinoa. Exercise has in most diets plays a part too in the Engine 2 diet. The recommended exercise program here prescribes 20 to 40 minutes to aerobics three days a week. Three rounds of four exercises that balance/complement aerobics with strength training is to be done on two other days. Article Source: